Our Business


Bandai Namco Online specializes in the online game business as part of the Bandai Namco Group.

The company was established in 2009 when it spun off from Bandai Namco Games Inc. Bandai Namco Online currently delivers a wide variety of online games for PCs, smartphones, and video game consoles at home and abroad.

The company specializes in the development of shooter, action, and multiplayer games. In particular, Bandai Namco Online is one of the few companies capable of developing shooter games in Japan. We focus on the creation of original IP which become the starting point for the IP-based strategy that the Bandai Namco Group excels in. We also challenge ourselves in entertainment businesses other than games.

Unlike most Japanese online game companies, Bandai Namco Online has integrated production and sales functions that work seamlessly to handle everything from development and operation to publishing, despite the compact size of the company.

  • One of the few companies in Japan that specializes in online games
  • We handle everything from development to publishing
  • Development of multiplayer shooters & action games
  • Multi-device support, rom PC, to mobile, to console

Business Strategy

Bandai Namco Online upholds the slogan, “Online Games from Japan to the World.

We take advantage of the strengths of Japan, such as character appeal, visuals, and worldviews. We constantly challenge ourselves to bring online games with a Japanese twist to the wider world, including unique shooter and high-level action games. In order to deliver online games from Japan to our many fans, we maximize our contact with users by developing free-to-play games worldwide across multiple devices.

In addition to online strategy-based games, Bandai Namco Online will continue to focus on the creation of original IP and expand our business via media mix in collaboration internally with group companies, as well as with entities outside of the group. We are also developing a wide variety of entertainment using the online game space, as well as expanding into eSports with an eye to increasing our fan base among non-players in our mission to become a comprehensive entertainment company that goes beyond just games.

Please stay tuned for more information on future developments designed to bring us closer to our fans and to the wider world.